SkyLove User Agreement

This Agreement and any disputes or claims arising from or related to them or their subject (including non-contractual disputes and claims) shall be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Russian legislation. In case of discrepancies between the translated version of the Conditions and the original English version, the Russian text shall prevail.

General terms

Welcome. You should familiarise yourself with the full text of this User Agreement, if only because it comes into effect every time you visit SkyLove. In case once you would like to sum up what you have read about here and tell it to your friends, here are the main points:

Legal provisions

SkyLove is a social network that is comprised of a website and an application, both aimed at creating a space where people can get to know each other, talk, meet, share their photos and information. The process is supposed to be good fun, that is why it is important for us (and most obviously for you) to keep this network safe and friendly. Therefore you agree to use SkyLove with no breach of this agreement (hereinafter - Agreement). This Agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (hereinafter - User) and Sibirskiye Tekhnologii LLC - a Russian company registered at the legal address: 70 Kopylova St., Krasnoyarsk, Russia (hereinafter - we/us or Company), (together with the affiliated websites and applications, SkyLove). The Agreement comes into effect at the moment you visit SkyLove, regardless of whether you have registered or not, so read it with attention. By singing in, using, registering or receiving the services offered by SkyLove (hereinafter - Services), you accept and agree to follow the User Agreement.

1. Using the application and website, and the rules related to the content

Who is eligible to use SkyLove?

SkyLove is a space for adults. You may use SkyLove and register on the website only if you are 18 years of age (or above, if the age of majority in the county of your residence is set higher). You hereby confirm that you have the right and ability to be bound by this Agreement and your using SkyLove shall not break any law or norm of your country. You shall be solely responsible for observation of all existing local laws and regulations. You also confirm that no court of law has ever found you guilty of any socially dangerous infringement, physical cruelty or sexual harassment.

What kind of materials may I publish on SkyLove?

You may publish all sorts of materials on SkyLove, including photos, messages and other content (hereinafter - Content).
However, there are some rules that regulate what shall be considered acceptable materials. So, when you use SkyLove you mustn't publish or send any Content that:

Please use your common sense when choosing what Content to publish on SkyLove, as you are solely responsible for it.

Are there any rules concerning my personal data, e.g. e-mail address?

It is forbidden to publish your own or anyone else's contact or banking details on your page (hereinafter - Profile), for example: names, home and postal addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, URL, bank cards. In case you venture to make your personal data visible to other users, be it via e-mail or any other way, you will do so at your own risk. We strongly recommend and urge that you (and all our users) think of what information to disclose. Please read our Safety Tips.

How about the personal data of other users, can it be used?

You may use the personal data of other SkyLove users to the extent that enables users to meet and get to know each other. It is forbidden to use such information for commercial purposes, distribution of spam, blackmail or harassment. SkyLove reserves the right to delete your account in case you abuse someone else's data.

Some of my friends would like to see everyone I'm in contact with. May I tell them my login and password, so they can sign in under my name?

In short, no. You shall be the only one with the right of access to your SkyLove account. You mustn't give your login or password to any other person, because it jeopardizes the security of the personal data and Content you have uploaded to SkyLove. You shall be responsible for keeping your login and password safe. If you don't care, SkyLove shall not be held liable for unauthorized access to your account. If you suspect that someone might have gained access to your account, you shall immediately report it to us via the Contact form. You will also have to change your login and password straightaway. SkyLove reserves the right to delete your account in case you have violated the rules concerning the security of your login and password.

Who can see the Content I publish on SkyLove?

When you upload your Content to SkyLove, it is visible to everyone. If you don't want other users to see your Content, restrain from publishing it on SkyLove. If you decide to share your rating in other social networks or want to make it visible in social networks who you vote for in SkyLove (other users), your rating and/or your votes will be made visible to other people in those social networks. You may change it in your settings at any given moment. Don't forget to check the User Agreements in other social networks to make sure you agree with all provisions. We reserve the right to delete, edit, limit or block the access to your SkyLove Content without prior notice at our own discretion and with no obligations to you. We shall not be obliged to publish your Content, check its accuracy and authenticity, neither do we have to keep track of how you use SkyLove.

Does the SkyLove dating service reveal my location to other service users?

Yes. The Skylove service is built in such a way, that you and it’s other participants can see each other’s location, this is made for convenience and extends the possibilities of your date planning.

By signing up to the Skylove service, your location is open for other users. And you have the right to hide the information. For this, proceed to the main screen, then open “Compass” by swiping the screen from left to right or press the middle blue button with a compass icon on the main menu (at the bottom). On the compass screen, turn off both settings «Others can see me on map» and «Show my location». After this, your geolocation will stop being visible to other users. But you lose the ability to see your interlocutors on the map, other features will be fully available to you.

Feature «Show user on map» is available for VIP users, in this case a location of a specified user is shown. VIP users can forcibly disallow to be shown on the map in that manner. For this, it is required to go to settings, confidentiality and enable the option «Vip can't see me on map».

Attention! By installing the Skylove mobile application you acknowledge, that your location can be known to other service users. If it makes you worried, refrain from signing up to SkyLove application. By signing up, you give up claims to the SkyLove dating service regarding to disclosure of your geodata and act on your own risk.

2. The copyright to the Content

By uploading the Content to SkyLove, do I forfeit the right to it?

No (on condition that you are the actual copyright owner – familiarise yourself with our rules concerning the upload of someone else's Content). Please bear in mind that uploading the Content to SkyLove, you hereby confirm that you have a right to do so. You automatically grant us the non-exclusive, royalty-free, lifetime, global license to use this Content in any way (including but not limited to editing, copying, changing, translating, reformatting, using as part of other materials, producing derived materials, advertising, distribution and publication of the Content for a wide audience, in part or in full in any format and media among those that already exist and are going to appear in the future). We are entitled to hand over the above-mentioned license to affiliated companies and legal successors without your approval. By uploading your Content to SkyLove, you confirm that you are the exclusive author and owner of this Content and you agree to relinquish the author's moral rights to this Content (including but not limited to the right to be considered its author). We have the right to disclose your personal data to a third party if they have reported that the Content that you uploaded to our application or website violates their copyright, their right to confidentiality or any other law.

Who then owns the rest of the Content on SkyLove?

We do! All text, graphic materials, user interface, trademarks, logos, sounds and artistic creations of SkyLove shall be deemed our property, subject to control or licensing on our part and thus protected by the right of ownership, trademark and other intellectual property rights.

May I use the Content that I don't own?

You can't use the SkyLove Content to which you have no rights. Hereby you agree that your actions shall not violate any third party's rights. It means that you shall not copy, change, distribute, publish or sell the SkyLove Content (apart from your own).

3. Paid services

What kind of services can I buy on SkyLove?

SkyLove gives you an opportunity to purchase some services right through the application or website. SkyLove premium-class services include various additional functions that may help you attract attention and meet more people. With SkyLove it is also possible to give gifts to other users, get prizes and awards for particular actions. All premium-class services can be purchased after registration, you can subscribe to the premium-class services for various periods of time. By paying you agree that the money spent on the purchase of the service cannot be returned. You may change the settings for an automatic top-up of your balance at any time in your profile payment terms. The price policy may vary depending on a number of factors, such as (but not limited to) promotion campaigns, loyalty bonuses or other discounts that may be applicable to your age group.

How can I renew my subscription to the SkyLove premium-class services?

By requesting the SkyLove premium-class services, you entitle SkyLove to charge you the relevant amount using a payment method of your choice. You may change the payment method or unsubscribe from the services in your payment settings. If you have made a payment via your mobile operator, please read their payment terms carefully, as it is those terms that determine all SkyLove payments, their cancellation or change. Subscription to the premium-class services of SkyLove is renewed automatically up until you decide to cancel it.

May I hand over the services that I have paid for to another user of SkyLove?

If you have decided to use the premium-class services or any other options aimed at enhancing your communication experiences through SkyLove, you hereby agree to use these services for personal purposes, without handing them over or selling them to other users of SkyLove. SkyLove reserves the right to invalidate the services you have paid for if you attempt to hand them over to another user or try to purchase them from others. SkyLove will deliver the paid services only when you are the person who the services have been purchased for.

What do points stand for and why do I need them?

Points represent a conventional unit used throughout SkyLove that is bought with money or accrued to your account as a sort of award for particular actions performed on SkyLove. Points may be spent on a gift to another user or your rating boost, for example, and also on additional advantages on SkyLove. The full list of advantages that you may gain for your points can be found here.

Can the points expire?

Yes. Unused points expire after 6 months (with the exception of the credits purchased via iTunes). If you delete your profile or we delete it as a result of a violation of the Terms and Conditions, you will lose all points you have earned. If you receive free points as part of a promotion campaign, we are entitled to withdraw them at any time. Points may not be exchanged for money or any other monetary value unless we have given our consent thereto in the written form.

4. Access to the application and website

Can you guarantee that SkyLove will always be safe and sound?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this, as from time to time we have to deliver maintenance works, because the application and website may be both subjects to unforeseen troubles. Therefore, all SkyLove services are delivered on the what-you-see-is-what-you-get basis. We give no guarantees in relation to quality, accuracy, functionality, accessibility or operability of SkyLove and reserve the right to suspend, shut down, expand or revise the services offered via SkyLove without prior notification or any kind of obligation to you.

How about the mobile access?

Your task is to do what is necessary to get the access to SkyLove (including but not limited to completion of payments to your Internet and mobile communication provider, as well as other payments related to the availability of access). We shall not be responsible for cases when the functionality of SkyLove is disrupted or limited due to connection via mobile devices or similar services currently that are available in the market or will appear in the future.

By connecting to SkyLove or agreeing to receive messages and notifications from SkyLove to your mobile phone and/or any other device, you acknowledge that your Internet provider or mobile communication provider might charge you an additional fee. We shall not be held liable for it.

I'm not a registered user and some Content of SkyLove is not available to me. How come?

Unregistered users can only see the Content that has been made open to the public. They don't have a Profile and thus no chance to upload any Content. The level of access given to the registered SkyLove users depends on certain criteria in the Profile that they have filled. We may sometimes revise or expand the criteria at our own discretion and without any prior notice.

5. Denial of access initiated on our part

My Profile has disappeared and I cannot sign in. What's going on?

Sometimes people may forget about the existence of the Terms and Conditions and upload the forbidden Content, or act on SkyLove in an unacceptable way. If we believe that you are among such people, we reserve the right to do the following at our own discretion and with no obligation to you (financial or any other):

We will do our best (though we aren't obliged) to inform you in case your access to SkyLove and/or your Profile is subject to suspension or denial.

6. Deletion of your account

What shall I do if I want to 'delete' myself from SkyLove?

If you are a registered user of SkyLove, you may cancel your registration at any time: sign in to SkyLove, go to your Profile page and press the 'Cancel my Profile' button in the Settings. Your profile will be completely deleted, with the only things left being your registration details, messages and gifts to other users. The Content you uploaded to SkyLove, apart from your Profile (for example, your comments or messages), may be still visible on SkyLove after the cancellation of your registration.

7. Abuses and complaints

There's someone who is violating the Terms and Conditions, who can I report it?

To report a violation or complain about the Content on SkyLove, apply to us through the Contact us page and give a brief description of the issue. You may also report a user right on their Profile page, pressing the 'Block the user' link and specifying the reason. We always do our best to help you sort out any trouble that may arise from using our service.

8. Privacy policy

Are there any rules related to how you can use my personal data?

We process the data in accordance with our Privacy Policy that is an integral part of this User Agreement. Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy before you start using SkyLove. By using SkyLove, you agree to this data use and guarantee that all data that you provide is true, correct and accurate.

9. Links

Do the links in the application and on the website have anything to do with SkyLove?

SkyLove may contain links to other websites, resources and purchase opportunities offered by third parties. Such links are provided for your information only. If you follow the links, you may be redirected to third parties' websites. Third parties' websites have their own User Agreements and Privacy Policies that may be different from ours. Publication of links to third parties' websites shall not mean that we approve of the content provided by the third parties, their websites or resources.

Please note that we have no control over the content of the third parties' websites or resources, and we bear no responsibility for them, including (but not limited to) the way the third parties observe any applicable laws or regulations.

10. Disclaimer and limitation of liabilities

I have neglected the rules of behaviour here and now there is someone who is threatening to take me to court. Can your lawyers sort it out?

No. If your actions offend other users, you shall bear full responsibility for the consequences. We disclaim any responsibility for your behaviour or any other SkyLove user's behaviour, as well as for the Content uploaded by you or any other user.

My friend is a lawyer and he/she claims that you can't disclaim all responsibility for anything...

Nothing in this Agreement shall be taken as grounds to exclude or limit our liability for:

To the fullest extent permitted by law, SkyLove shall exclude:

11. Other terms and conditions

SkyLove takes all necessary measures to provide common availability, accuracy, and integrity of data contained on SkyLove, and undertakes to deliver the relevant data on the 'as-is' basis. SkyLove does not give any direct or indirect guarantees or obligations pertaining to the data contained on SkyLove. The user hereby assumes all responsibility for the use of SkyLove and any materials available through the application at their own risk. SkyLove shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the loss of data that occurred during its transfer or use, as well as for the data of unacceptable nature (Content) provided by the users. You assume the responsibility to take all necessary preventive measures to avoid computer virus infection during the use of SkyLove. Hereby you concede that throughout the exploitation of the application there may occur some errors and failures that will have to be fixed, as well as that SkyLove or the server may be attacked by viruses, spyware, trojan horse software or other kinds of malware. SkyLove shall not be held liable for the damaged caused to the technical equipment or software, any damages or losses related to property, including claims for compensation of any damage caused by an error, omission, virus, unauthorized access, fraud, hack, delay in the operation of the application, SkyLove disclaims any responsibility for any damages caused by any faults in the Internet connection or any other technical hitches.

We reserve the right to revise and add changes (Changes) to this Agreement at any time and at our sole discretion without any obligations pertaining thereto. All Changes shall be published on this page (at the end of this Agreement) with the effective date. In some cases, we may inform you of the Changes via email. You shall undertake to check this page to avoid misunderstanding pertaining to the effected Changes. If you disagree with any of the Changes made to this Agreement, you shall immediately stop using SkyLove. If you keep using SkyLove after the Changes have been made to the Agreement, you hereby accept the revised agreement.

Should, for whatever reason, a court of the relevant jurisdiction find any provision illegal or legally invalid, this provision shall be deleted or revised, with other legally binding provisions and their legal effect intact.

This Agreement has been concluded between you and us in relation to your use of SkyLove, and shall replace all previous agreements, statements, and arrangements between us (both oral and written). This provision shall in no way limit or exclude responsibility for fraudulent misrepresentation or deliberate distortion of facts.

Failure or delay in the exercise of any right, authority or privilege subject to this Agreement shall not be viewed as denial of such a right or acceptance of any changes to the provisions, just as no partial exercise of any other rights, authorities or privileges by any party shall exclude further exercise of this right or exercise of any other right, authority or privilege.

Nothing in this Agreement shall confer or purport to confer on any third party any benefit or right to enforce any terms of this Agreement, and the (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not be applied to this Agreement.

About us is an application and website that belong to and are operated by the Sibirskiye Tekhnologii LLC.
The Company is registered in Russia
Our legal address: 70 Kopylova St., Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Effective date
Terms and Conditions were last revised on: 08 November 2018